What Makes You Come Alive?

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I revel in the luscious days of summer! Mother Nature’s sensuous beauty opens my heart, and brings me alive….

Everything is bursting with life… lush, and green, warm and  beckoning.

Trees, and plants growing and blossoming in beauty,  filling the air with gift of sweet fragrance.

Birds singing, and chirping awakening songs. Does, watchful and attentive,  tenderly nurturing new born fawns.

Monarch butterflies with delicate, stained glass-like wings of orange and black, flutter over fields in search of nourishing nectar and life-giving flowers.

Mother Nature illuminates, and brings me alive to feel my own sensuous nature, and the inherent potential for growing and blossoming into my full soul beauty… to sing my  unique song… to birth, and tenderly nurture new possibilities… and to share my gifts with the world.

She warmly beckons me to taste the sweet nectar of life within each breath, and each moment… filling my heart with life-giving joy.


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Howard Thurman


What Brings You Alive?

Inspired by the enlivening energies of summer, and the words of Howard Thurman,  I began contemplating on all that makes me come alive!  I would love to have you join me in this inner inquiry!

  1. Create a quiet and meditative space, have pen & paper near by to record what you discover. Clear your mind and relax your body with a few deep cleansing breaths…drop your awareness into your heart space.
  2. Ask within what makes you come alive…allow a free flow response. Record.
  3. Consider how much time you give to what brings you alive…are you living it?

How can you taste more and more of the sweet, life giving nectar that feeds your soul?

I would love you to share your short, or long list in the comments below.

May you come alive to what makes your heart sing, and your soul blossom!

Deep bow,

PS: Here’s my short list… sipping a cup of hot tea, teaching, soul sister circles, music, dancing with abandon, devotional prayer, David Whyte poetry, snuggling with my puppies, travel, beauty, dreams, sunsets, lake swimming, grand baby, deep listening, advocating for women, truth, dressed in my best, sharing in Adam and Annie’s lives, belly laughter, touch, Italy, the Sacred Feminine/Goddess in all her expressions, rugged ocean coast lines, soulful friends, new adventures, lively conversation, making a difference.


janis deluca, “Whole Woman Self” mentor & guide, passionately inspires & facilitates the women’s journey to wholeness through seminars, retreats, individual sessions and sacred travel.

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  1. This summer has been especially full of aliveness for me. It has been a little cooler and still producing the lovely lushness that I have so enjoyed. I love spending time with family and friends, creating, painting, making art, meeting people, having a great cup of coffee or glass of wine, observing the wildlife in the yard, and taking walks later in the evening. It is a beautiful time.

    • Thank-you Nancy for sharing what makes you come alive! May you continue to create and experience all that enlivens you…
      With heart,

  2. Thank you for the joyful work you are doing. YES!! We can & must follow our bliss.

    • Thank-you Sara for your lovely gratitude, and your presence here on the blog…absolutely a big YES!! to following our bliss!
      With heart,

  3. Ha! I love cleaning and creating a lovely home and garden. I love feeding friends,dog cuddles, dog and baby videos on Facebook music, massage, BOOKS to listen to and read. Yoga, nature, Soul sisters! My Sunday Prayer group, family and time alone!!!!

    • Ah, thank-you Deborah, love hearing what brings you alive…so grateful for our shared soul-enlivening ways!

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