What Makes You Come Alive?

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I revel in the luscious days of summer! Mother Nature’s sensuous beauty opens my heart, and brings me alive….

Everything is bursting with life… lush, and green, warm and  beckoning.

Trees, and plants growing and blossoming in beauty,  filling the air with gift of sweet fragrance.

Birds singing, and chirping awakening songs. Does, watchful and attentive,  tenderly nurturing new born fawns.

Monarch butterflies with delicate, stained glass-like wings of orange and black, flutter over fields in search of nourishing nectar and life-giving flowers.

Mother Nature illuminates, and brings me alive to feel my own sensuous nature, and the inherent potential for growing and blossoming into my full soul beauty… to sing my  unique song… to birth, and tenderly nurture new possibilities… and to share my gifts with the world.

She warmly beckons me to taste the sweet nectar of life within each breath, and each moment… filling my heart with life-giving joy.


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Howard Thurman


What Brings You Alive?

Inspired by the enlivening energies of summer, and the words of Howard Thurman,  I began contemplating on all that makes me come alive!  I would love to have you join me in this inner inquiry!

  1. Create a quiet and meditative space, have pen & paper near by to record what you discover. Clear your mind and relax your body with a few deep cleansing breaths…drop your awareness into your heart space.
  2. Ask within what makes you come alive…allow a free flow response. Record.
  3. Consider how much time you give to what brings you alive…are you living it?

How can you taste more and more of the sweet, life giving nectar that feeds your soul?

I would love you to share your short, or long list in the comments below.

May you come alive to what makes your heart sing, and your soul blossom!

Deep bow,

PS: Here’s my short list… sipping a cup of hot tea, teaching, soul sister circles, music, dancing with abandon, devotional prayer, David Whyte poetry, snuggling with my puppies, travel, beauty, dreams, sunsets, lake swimming, grand baby, deep listening, advocating for women, truth, dressed in my best, sharing in Adam and Annie’s lives, belly laughter, touch, Italy, the Sacred Feminine/Goddess in all her expressions, rugged ocean coast lines, soulful friends, new adventures, lively conversation, making a difference.


janis deluca, “Whole Woman Self” mentor & guide, passionately inspires & facilitates the women’s journey to wholeness through seminars, retreats, individual sessions and sacred travel.

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I am Malala… The Heart of the Heroine within Every Woman

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MalalaRecently I was deeply moved by the remarkable story of Malala Yousafzai, the incredible 16 year old Pakistani young woman who miraculously survived being shot point blank in the head by the Taliban. Her crime? Bravely, and actively taking a stand for the rights of girls to be educated.

On October 9th, 2013, one year after the attempt on her life, and after months of hospitalization, intensive surgeries and rehabilitation, Malala stood with humility, and dignified strength at the United Nations Youth Assembly to “speak for those without a voice, for the rights of education for women and girls everywhere, and the right to live in peace.”

I viewed, and listened to her full address via the internet with inspired awe. Her resilient, passionate and unbreakable, courageous spirit reached out far beyond the United Nations assembly. Malala captured my heart, and the hearts of people across the globe.

There is much that makes her story so compelling, and inspiring.
Clearly, she does not see herself as a victim of her experience, or of her attackers.

Her very presence reflects her resolve of empowerment, as does her words; “the terrorist thought they would change my aim and stop my ambitions, but nothing changed in my life except this; weakness, fear, and hopelessness died. Strength courage, and fervor was born”.

This exemplifies so beautifully that our greatest challenges can be transformative gateways to birthing new inner resources, and to expanding, and deepening our sense of who we are, and who we can become.

It is marvelous to witness how she draws upon her new born strength, courage and fervor, not only for her own empowerment, but to passionately serve, mobilize and empower countless others.

Malala further inspires when she states, “I am not against anyone, neither am I here to speak in terms of revenge against the Taliban, or other terrorist groups. “I am here to speak up for the right of education for every child”.

MalalaWith vision and purpose, Malala focuses on, and calls for action to move towards what is life affirming and creative, rather than life negating, and destructive.

She continued to say, “I don’t even hate the Talib that shot me. Even if there is a gun in my hand, and he is in front of me, I will not shoot him……”

“My soul is telling me to be peaceful, and love everyone.”

Malala embodies, and emanates the heart of the Heroine. Her empowerment comes from within, and is based in love, peace, forgiveness, and compassionate wisdom.

Her powerful, stirring closing remarks included a call to action close to my own heart. She speaks not only for herself, but as the voice for every girl/woman with these words:

“We call upon our sisters all around the world to be brave, to embrace the strength within themselves, and to realize their full potential.”

I believe within every woman dwells the heart of the Heroine. Each time we say no to any outer perceived authority, or to our own inner “Taliban” who attempts to silence our deepest inspirations, and authentic voice, we become empowered to courageously stand and claim I AM ________________.

Like Malala, we do this for ourselves, our sisters, and for our world, in the spirit of love, and mutual empowerment.

Click here to listen to Malala’s full UN address, and learn about, I am Malala campaign for girl’s education.


janis deluca, “Whole Woman Self” mentor & guide, passionately inspires & facilitates the women’s journey to wholeness through seminars, retreats, individual sessions and sacred travel.


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What Does the Soft Animal of Your Body LOVE?

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“You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” ~Mary Oliver

What Does the Soft Animal of Your Body LOVE?


What Does the Soft Animal of Your Body Love?


  • Rolling in Grass
  • Soft Blankets
  • Making Love
  • Dancing in the Moonlight
  • Candlelit Lavender Baths

??? …Your Turn…  ???

What does the soft animal of your body love?

I’m anticipating the pleasure of your responses…meet you in the comments…

With Heart… janis

janis deluca, “Whole Woman Self” mentor & guide, passionately inspires & facilitates the women’s journey to wholeness through seminars, retreats, individual sessions and sacred travel.

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From Bagels to Bali

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I was sitting across from Kathryn, my dear friend and kindred spirit, having breakfast at a wonderful outdoor cafe in Santa Monica.  It was one of those glorious California days that this Wisconsin woman revels in… a day when there was no need for coat, or sweater.  I was thrilled to be wearing a sleeveless dress, feeling the warmth of the sun, and the timely light breezes that touched my skin.

When I travel to the west coast, I am always excited to see Kathryn; today was no exception. We were deeply engaged in soulful conversation, when I heard myself say, “Kath, I would love to collaborate with you, and take a group of women on pilgrimage.”

Dear Friends...Kindred Spirits

She instantly responded with a resounding YES!   Within the course of our breakfast we went from bagels to Bali…  from one to one connection, to women’s sacred pilgrimage.

Tag! You’re it…

I just love the times, when I least expect it, the Great Mystery tags me on the shoulder, and says, You’re it!  Here’s your assignment. 

I was tagged 5 years ago.  Once again I was out for breakfast, this time with my husband, Gil   We were sitting in our favorite booth at our local cafe, when out of the blue, with a forkful of eggs just up to my open mouth, the words fell out,

“I am taking women to Aphrodite’s Temple in Greece.”  Gil, without blinking an eye, simply replied, “of course you are,” and continued eating his cherry-granola oatmeal.  Being a seasoned seeker, he recognizes and trusts the unexpected ways of the Great Mystery.    (There must be something about nourishment for the body being closely aligned with nourishment for the soul for me.!  🙂  )

Divine Directive >>>

This out of the blue, “ divine directive” led to an amazing women’s pilgrimage to the sacred sites, temples, and caves of ancient Greece and Crete, and a special visit to Aphrodite’s Temple.  Twelve of us journeyed together for 10 wonder filled days. We were nourished and transformed in ways we could have never imaged for ourselves.

Our pilgrimage took us far from all that was familiar, our assigned roles and identities, responsibilities and habitual patterns. It brought us to new places, new experiences, and new perspectives.  

Women's Pilgrimage ~ Soul Nourishing, Awakening, Transforming

For many it awakened something unknown, a surprise revelation, an unexpected spiritual experience of feeling touched and seen by the ineffable Mystery.  Within such moments women were renewed and transformed, hearts lighter than a feather!

Traveling as pilgrims/seekers, we had  the blessed opportunity to interface with the living power and beauty of the sacred sites we visited, the people and the culture.  In return we offered our deepest reverence and wonder.

Pilgrimage to Bali…

I  don’t know what blessings the pilgrimage to Bali will offer to any one of us.  Still, the one thing I know for sure; when you travel with an open, listening heart, and soulful awareness, there is something unexpected and sacred waiting to be discovered in every journey…even a journey to your favorite cafe!

Learn all the “divine directive” details for our journey to Bali…

Let’s Share Together…Meet Me in the Comments~

I’d love to hear from you…
Please share with me a time when you felt tagged by the Divine…

janis deluca, “Whole Woman Self” mentor & guide, passionately inspires & facilitates the women’s journey to wholeness through seminars, retreats, individual sessions and sacred travel.

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