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Bring Back #Goddess

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In July, Instagram made the decision to remove #Goddess. Apparently there was content, particularly nudity,  that violated Instagram’s community policies.

In response,  an uproar of objection, and commentary ensued, including the campaign, Bring Back #Goddess.

Many felt this was a direct, negative bias towards the empowerment of women, discriminatory, and a violation of religious freedom, noting #God was not removed.

Online essays educated readers on the veneration of the Goddess across history, and culture by millions of people.  Others shared the healing/empowering significance of the Goddess as a psycho-spiritual archetype, relevant to women’s lives today.  All passionate contributions to “Bring Back #Goddess”.


When I reflect on the campaign, there is a quickening within , an instant recognition of a larger force beyond personal agendas propelling this cause.


What I deeply sense, and hear beneath the surface, “Bring Back #Goddess“, is the presence, and voice of Sophia/Wisdom.

With social media as Her holy mouth piece, She sends out Her vital plea…an urgent call, to bring back to a world in desperate need, the life nourishing, healing, and transforming qualities, and values of the indwelling Feminine… #Goddess.

I believe, it is essential to begin the work of bringing Her back, by opening our hearts to Her sacred ways of…


Unconditional love, compassion, nurturing, receptivity, beauty, instinct, feeling, being, stillness, creativity, sacred sexuality, embodied wisdom, natural power, harmony, vulnerability, interconnectedness, relatedness, presence, reverence for the earth, and all of Creation.


Rather than only conceptual understanding, She calls us to awaken, embody, and express #Goddess in our lives, and out into the yearning world.

Who knows, perhaps one day, #God will unite with Her in the center of our hearts, and we will then know Heaven on Earth, and the peace beyond all understanding.


With heart,



janis deluca, “Whole Woman Self” mentor & guide, passionately inspires & facilitates the women’s journey to wholeness through seminars, retreats, individual sessions and sacred travel.
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What Makes You Come Alive?

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I revel in the luscious days of summer! Mother Nature’s sensuous beauty opens my heart, and brings me alive….

Everything is bursting with life… lush, and green, warm and  beckoning.

Trees, and plants growing and blossoming in beauty,  filling the air with gift of sweet fragrance.

Birds singing, and chirping awakening songs. Does, watchful and attentive,  tenderly nurturing new born fawns.

Monarch butterflies with delicate, stained glass-like wings of orange and black, flutter over fields in search of nourishing nectar and life-giving flowers.

Mother Nature illuminates, and brings me alive to feel my own sensuous nature, and the inherent potential for growing and blossoming into my full soul beauty… to sing my  unique song… to birth, and tenderly nurture new possibilities… and to share my gifts with the world.

She warmly beckons me to taste the sweet nectar of life within each breath, and each moment… filling my heart with life-giving joy.


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Howard Thurman


What Brings You Alive?

Inspired by the enlivening energies of summer, and the words of Howard Thurman,  I began contemplating on all that makes me come alive!  I would love to have you join me in this inner inquiry!

  1. Create a quiet and meditative space, have pen & paper near by to record what you discover. Clear your mind and relax your body with a few deep cleansing breaths…drop your awareness into your heart space.
  2. Ask within what makes you come alive…allow a free flow response. Record.
  3. Consider how much time you give to what brings you alive…are you living it?

How can you taste more and more of the sweet, life giving nectar that feeds your soul?

I would love you to share your short, or long list in the comments below.

May you come alive to what makes your heart sing, and your soul blossom!

Deep bow,

PS: Here’s my short list… sipping a cup of hot tea, teaching, soul sister circles, music, dancing with abandon, devotional prayer, David Whyte poetry, snuggling with my puppies, travel, beauty, dreams, sunsets, lake swimming, grand baby, deep listening, advocating for women, truth, dressed in my best, sharing in Adam and Annie’s lives, belly laughter, touch, Italy, the Sacred Feminine/Goddess in all her expressions, rugged ocean coast lines, soulful friends, new adventures, lively conversation, making a difference.


janis deluca, “Whole Woman Self” mentor & guide, passionately inspires & facilitates the women’s journey to wholeness through seminars, retreats, individual sessions and sacred travel.

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I am Malala… The Heart of the Heroine within Every Woman

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MalalaRecently I was deeply moved by the remarkable story of Malala Yousafzai, the incredible 16 year old Pakistani young woman who miraculously survived being shot point blank in the head by the Taliban. Her crime? Bravely, and actively taking a stand for the rights of girls to be educated.

On October 9th, 2013, one year after the attempt on her life, and after months of hospitalization, intensive surgeries and rehabilitation, Malala stood with humility, and dignified strength at the United Nations Youth Assembly to “speak for those without a voice, for the rights of education for women and girls everywhere, and the right to live in peace.”

I viewed, and listened to her full address via the internet with inspired awe. Her resilient, passionate and unbreakable, courageous spirit reached out far beyond the United Nations assembly. Malala captured my heart, and the hearts of people across the globe.

There is much that makes her story so compelling, and inspiring.
Clearly, she does not see herself as a victim of her experience, or of her attackers.

Her very presence reflects her resolve of empowerment, as does her words; “the terrorist thought they would change my aim and stop my ambitions, but nothing changed in my life except this; weakness, fear, and hopelessness died. Strength courage, and fervor was born”.

This exemplifies so beautifully that our greatest challenges can be transformative gateways to birthing new inner resources, and to expanding, and deepening our sense of who we are, and who we can become.

It is marvelous to witness how she draws upon her new born strength, courage and fervor, not only for her own empowerment, but to passionately serve, mobilize and empower countless others.

Malala further inspires when she states, “I am not against anyone, neither am I here to speak in terms of revenge against the Taliban, or other terrorist groups. “I am here to speak up for the right of education for every child”.

MalalaWith vision and purpose, Malala focuses on, and calls for action to move towards what is life affirming and creative, rather than life negating, and destructive.

She continued to say, “I don’t even hate the Talib that shot me. Even if there is a gun in my hand, and he is in front of me, I will not shoot him……”

“My soul is telling me to be peaceful, and love everyone.”

Malala embodies, and emanates the heart of the Heroine. Her empowerment comes from within, and is based in love, peace, forgiveness, and compassionate wisdom.

Her powerful, stirring closing remarks included a call to action close to my own heart. She speaks not only for herself, but as the voice for every girl/woman with these words:

“We call upon our sisters all around the world to be brave, to embrace the strength within themselves, and to realize their full potential.”

I believe within every woman dwells the heart of the Heroine. Each time we say no to any outer perceived authority, or to our own inner “Taliban” who attempts to silence our deepest inspirations, and authentic voice, we become empowered to courageously stand and claim I AM ________________.

Like Malala, we do this for ourselves, our sisters, and for our world, in the spirit of love, and mutual empowerment.

Click here to listen to Malala’s full UN address, and learn about, I am Malala campaign for girl’s education.


janis deluca, “Whole Woman Self” mentor & guide, passionately inspires & facilitates the women’s journey to wholeness through seminars, retreats, individual sessions and sacred travel.


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Unveiling the Goddess Within ~ Kate’s Story, part 2

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(This is Part 2 of 2, to read Part 1 of Kate’s journey, click here.)


“We have come to be danced, not the nice invisible, self-conscious shuffle,
but the matted hair flying, voodoo mama shaman shakin’ ancient bones dance,
the strip us from our casings, return our wings,
sharpen our claws, and tongues dance,
the shed dead cells, and slip into the luminous skin of love dance.”
~Jewel Mathieson


Kate’s next courageous awakening steps were dancing steps…

‘Dancing Women’ by Kate Bradley, inspired by her dance experience at the Soul Sister’s Gathering

In every soul sister’s gathering, women are invited into sacred dance, a free form of expression…
a dynamic meditation, choreographed by each woman’s own body, heart, soul, and spirit…
breath by breath, moment to moment…
supported by a diverse range of music, and tempo to facilitate our ever-changing dance of becoming.

The Dance of Bliss…

Kate shared that whenever she would dance alone, she always felt self conscious. However, through the experience of being a part of, and held in the soul sister’s sacred circle of unconditional love and acceptance, something magical happened that she had never experienced before…

Dancing really took away a lot of my self consciousness…. I had the opportunity to express myself in words… but it was really the dancing that took it away..(her self consciousness)

Nobody was judging anybody, and we were at all different levels of expressing ourselves with our body.

I was so closed off prior to that in expressing any kind of movement…and then being as large as I was…and then being accepted… Oh, nobody is criticizing me!

I would have to say it was my first experience to be abandoned…to know what that is…


I watched Kate pause, seemingly dipping back into the energy of when she completely surrendered to the dance, fully in the moment,  unfettered,  free and passionately alive in her body…  a timeless state of bliss that permeated every cell, and every aspect of her being…

O body swayed to music,
O brightening glance,
How can we know the dancer
from the dance?
~Wm. Yeats


Radiant, Kate went on to say she had been particularly moved by Sarah,  one of the women in the circle, who she felt had a “gift” for dancing, and freely expressing herself.

In the witnessing of, and being in the stream of Sarah’s dancing energy, Kate felt ever more inspired, and inducted into the freedom of her own dance.

She described connecting to her body with deepening curiosity and wonder,  shifting more and more from self consciousness, to self embodied awareness…

“to take an arm…ah, it can move that way,
now the hip…didn’t use that part of my body before,
…looking forward to more of that expression…
kicks in another ear…experimentation leads to an understanding
…mechanical at first…then filters in, sifts down and goes inward
…my arm can twist that way.
What is there in the inside that can be twisted, or explored?
I don’t have to be locked into any one expression…
the dance loosened up my psyche.

Kate discovered  as she connected to each body part, it led her deeper into her dance, and into herSelf, and to the awakening revelation that she didn’t have to be ‘locked into any one expression’!

The dance ‘loosened’ up her psyche, a shake, rattle and roll, on every level of her being, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

She continued to say…

First, getting your teaching auditorially,
…then it filtered down, into all the inners…
then it worked it back up as Kundalini, (the divine feminine creative life force) completely organically.

This is the embodied awakening way,
shifting from only conceptual understanding to experiential wisdom,
a direct, in the body experience…
a living breathing process,
where true transformation, integration, and healing begins.


Kate’s inner transformation becomes the catalyst for outer transformation

Kate  expressed the Soul sister’s gathering was the catalyst for

“shedding the cocoon of weight, 130 pounds.”

“Unveiling the Goddess Within” www.katebradley.com

Being fully supported in a women’s sacred community makes possible what we cannot do alone.

Unveiled to see herself,
and to be seen,
with unconditional love
and acceptance as she was,
and in her essence…
a natural metamorphosis occurred from deep within,
Kate’s protective cocoon of weight began to shed,
…She was ready to spread her wings!
“Spontaneous resources and unexpected ways of wisdom are always available when women gather heart to heart, soul to soul, in the spirit of of love and mutual empowerment.”
~janis deluca awakenings

Discovering the joy of feeling alive in her body, and the power of community, Kate eventually joined weight watchers, and developed a daily exercise practice. 

She began with walking until she found, much to her surprise, she preferred running.   To date she has shed 130 pounds and is training to run her second half-marathon!

Now this is one inspiring “gutsy” Goddess!

There are countless ways in which Kate’s life has transformed, deepened and expanded…and continues to, in her dance of ceaseless becoming.

The beautiful threads of her story so richly contribute to the universal tapestry of sisterhood that connects us all.

Kate Bradley

One thing I know for sure is that the Divine Feminine Creative Energy within Kate can easily be seen and felt as it flows onto the canvas, and into her amazing stone carvings.

Be sure to visit her website KateBradley.com and let her know you stopped by!

My Dear Soul Sister Kate, it’s been a privilege to be a part of your journey, and to listen to the power and beauty of your story, and to share it with our awakenings readers.
Bowing low, with deep gratitude and love,
janis deluca, “Whole Woman Self” mentor & guide, passionately inspires & facilitates the women’s journey to wholeness through seminars, retreats, individual sessions and sacred travel.
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