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From Bagels to Bali

Posted by on Aug 23, 2011 in Featured, Pathways to Awakenings, Women's Sacred Community | 4 comments

I was sitting across from Kathryn, my dear friend and kindred spirit, having breakfast at a wonderful outdoor cafe in Santa Monica.  It was one of those glorious California days that this Wisconsin woman revels in… a day when there was no need for coat, or sweater.  I was thrilled to be wearing a sleeveless dress, feeling the warmth of the sun, and the timely light breezes that touched my skin.

When I travel to the west coast, I am always excited to see Kathryn; today was no exception. We were deeply engaged in soulful conversation, when I heard myself say, “Kath, I would love to collaborate with you, and take a group of women on pilgrimage.”

Dear Friends...Kindred Spirits

She instantly responded with a resounding YES!   Within the course of our breakfast we went from bagels to Bali…  from one to one connection, to women’s sacred pilgrimage.

Tag! You’re it…

I just love the times, when I least expect it, the Great Mystery tags me on the shoulder, and says, You’re it!  Here’s your assignment. 

I was tagged 5 years ago.  Once again I was out for breakfast, this time with my husband, Gil   We were sitting in our favorite booth at our local cafe, when out of the blue, with a forkful of eggs just up to my open mouth, the words fell out,

“I am taking women to Aphrodite’s Temple in Greece.”  Gil, without blinking an eye, simply replied, “of course you are,” and continued eating his cherry-granola oatmeal.  Being a seasoned seeker, he recognizes and trusts the unexpected ways of the Great Mystery.    (There must be something about nourishment for the body being closely aligned with nourishment for the soul for me.!  🙂  )

Divine Directive >>>

This out of the blue, “ divine directive” led to an amazing women’s pilgrimage to the sacred sites, temples, and caves of ancient Greece and Crete, and a special visit to Aphrodite’s Temple.  Twelve of us journeyed together for 10 wonder filled days. We were nourished and transformed in ways we could have never imaged for ourselves.

Our pilgrimage took us far from all that was familiar, our assigned roles and identities, responsibilities and habitual patterns. It brought us to new places, new experiences, and new perspectives.  

Women's Pilgrimage ~ Soul Nourishing, Awakening, Transforming

For many it awakened something unknown, a surprise revelation, an unexpected spiritual experience of feeling touched and seen by the ineffable Mystery.  Within such moments women were renewed and transformed, hearts lighter than a feather!

Traveling as pilgrims/seekers, we had  the blessed opportunity to interface with the living power and beauty of the sacred sites we visited, the people and the culture.  In return we offered our deepest reverence and wonder.

Pilgrimage to Bali…

I  don’t know what blessings the pilgrimage to Bali will offer to any one of us.  Still, the one thing I know for sure; when you travel with an open, listening heart, and soulful awareness, there is something unexpected and sacred waiting to be discovered in every journey…even a journey to your favorite cafe!

Learn all the “divine directive” details for our journey to Bali…

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