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Unveiling the Goddess Within ~ Kate’s Story

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“When we soulfully share together as women,
we inspire and are inspired,
we nourish and are nourished,
we empower and are empowered…
weaving a beautiful tapestry of sisterhood
with the threads of our stories.”
~janis deluca awakenings~


It was several years ago when I met Kate, who was in the throws of navigating through a major life transition.  Kate was one of 17 women who joined us in soulful sisterhood, eager to embrace her story and journey on.

Recently, I reconnected with Kate and she shared with me that the circle of soul sisters some years ago was the catalyst for change that inspired her life in the direction it continues to take today.

I asked Kate if she’d feel willing to share her story with the Awakenings readers, she was honored…and the rest unfolds below.

We settled into our cozy corner at the Harmony Cafe.  Kate, positively glowing, flowed effortlessly into her recall.

I invite you to listen, as I listened, with deep appreciation, and reverence for the beauty of her story…

Kate’s Story

She had been recently divorced, beginning to find her way back to herSelf and was becoming more comfortable with expressing her unique gifts as an innovative artist and creative woman.

I was deeply moved as Kate reflected on and shared what happened the day her divorce was finalized…

“I left the courthouse and immediately went to the DMV to change my drivers license to take my maiden name back.  I walked through the parking lot to cross the street.  As I stepped up onto the curb, I saw something flash before my eyes, and blow off in the wind.  I realized it was a veil, whipping away.”


With tears welling up in her eyes, she said,


“it was emancipation… feelings of emancipation, feelings of strength, faith, and knowledge in knowing I could do it.”

Kate’s experience of a veil whipping away, is a powerful and timeless motif of the casting off of old and false identities, old illusions, and beliefs…masks, and worn out roles.

What a beautiful vision and affirmation from her soul, given to her just as she crossed the street, and stepped onto the curb…a symbolic act of crossing a threshold, stepping through a gateway to new possibilities, potential, resources…

Feeling liberated, and empowered from within, Kate was ready to take the next courageous steps in her awakening journey.

“Life Transitions are Sacred Gateways
to knowing & becoming your Whole Woman Self
with more love and more compassion”
~janis deluca awakenings~

Sacred Steps to Awakening…

One of those steps was taking her place in a circle of soul sisters at my annual women’s winter series. I was instantly touched by Kate’s authenticity.  She was so present to herself, to the circle, and to what was being offered.  She allowed herself to be seen and to feel.  When I expressed this to Kate she replied,

“It was easy to be, because it (the circle) was so accepting. You knew it (anything she shared)  would be held in confidence, it enabled me to open up more.


I credit your work, and camaraderie, and all the energies to moving me forward in my life…in my own expression.  I think of it so often.


Getting permission from everybody, that whatever you want’s ok…such a variety of so many different women in all different stages of their life…and finding out whatever I was going through was acceptable.  I wasn’t so different.


The love and the energy catapulted me to moving on, separating the chafe from the chaste.”

Kate shared that the feeling and experience of the “veil whipping off” continued to come back to her over and over again, throughout the souls sister’s series, particularly when learning about the goddesses.

“I was impressed with goddesses as guides. I was really taken with Inanna.  Her form, the full breasts, hands underneath…

Goddess Innana

The Goddess is not like a fairy tale, beautiful hair and body..perfect skin…She is just so gutsy! “

Inspired by the Great Goddess

Kate, like myself, and many women have found inspiration from stories and images from  the time of antiquity when the deity was revered in Feminine form, and known as the Great Goddess.

Often in my work I will draw on, and induct women into the feminine world myths, and the qualities and images of the many aspects of the Goddess.

Rather than relating to these images as expressions of religious belief, we dynamically experience them as spiritual and psychological patterns/energies, and truths that mirror our own feminine nature, giving meaning to our lives, and the universality of our experiences as women.

Kate discovered rather than an airbrushed illusion of perfection and beauty that our culture is so saturated with, the images and qualities of the goddesses reflect and validate the authentic power, wisdom, and beauty of women’s indwelling divine nature, and feminine form.

So inspired by the image of the Great Sumerian Goddess, Inanna , Kate immediately went out and purchased two pendants that were designed in her form.

Clearly Inanna is a reflection of, and was an awakening of Kate’s own “gutsy” feminine nature…  ending a marriage, forging out on her own,  and opening ever more fully to her juicy, divine creative energy!

More to the Story…

In my next blog post read about Kate

Kate Bradley ~

  • letting go of self consciousness, 
  • and her telling of a moment in time she’s never experienced before…something so sublime, so completely unfettered, and how her psyche ‘loosened up’.
  • Discover how Kate’s inner transformation was the catalyst for outer transformation… “shedding the cocoon of weight”…130 pounds!

Visit Kate’s website and see the power and passion of the Feminine emanating through her innovative paintings.



Be sure to continue Kate’s journey in part 2 of this series!…Click here.

janis deluca, “Whole Woman Self” mentor & guide, passionately inspires & facilitates the women’s journey to wholeness through seminars, retreats, individual sessions and sacred travel.
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