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Stepping Into Our Sacred Feminine Power ~ Soul Sister Sundays 2012

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I am so very excited to share this year’s winter series with you to ignite and impassion our Sacred Feminine Power.

Perhaps some of you, like me, may initially have an aversion to the word power because of our association with how we see it expressed in our world.

However, the power of the feminine, unlike the predominant patriarchal power, is not acquired outside of ourselves through achieving, competing, manipulation, controlling, oppression, aggression, position, hierarchy…

…rather it is indwelling, based in love, co- creativity, relatedness, receptivity, compassion, presence, intuition, embodied wisdom, instinct…and can be transforming and healing…  Truly an awe-inspiring energy that can nourish and change our lives and our world!

I would love you to join me as we walk together…Stepping into our Sacred Feminine Power.

Soul Sister Sundays 2012

Stepping into our Sacred Feminine Power

Six Succulent Sundays:

  • January 22 & 29
  • February 12
  • March 4 & 18
  • April 1

In the sanctuary of a heart centered circle of women, we will begin awakening, and cultivating, the Sacred Feminine Power within every woman.

Ignite & Impassion Your Sacred Feminine Power

To consciously experience this divine creative force we will … 

  • dive deep into the depths of our being,
  • connect to our body,
  • know our sexuality as sacred,
  • immerse into the realms of our true feeling values,
  • honor our emotions,
  • and cultivate and trust our instinctive wisdom and intuition.

With compassionate vulnerability we will … explore the inner predator of the psyche, the inner child, critic, pleaser or any other parts and beliefs that may hold us back from standing in the truth, beauty and grace of our natural power.

Through self reflective process, story, movement and yoga, awakening practices from tantra and the feminine mysteries, meditation, creative arts, sounding, and  dreamwork, we will open to the vast resources and qualities of Sacred Feminine Power.

This work engenders us to step into our lives empowered from within, receptive, passionate, joyful, confident… 

with the ability to make wise choices in all matters of life aligned with our true essence, …AND ultimately inspires us to shine our light, love and unique gifts out into the world.

CAUTION: This series can be life changing!!!

Terra Casa
Waupaca, WI

Series Begins:  January 22, 2012    Series Concludes:  April 1, 2012

1 – 5 pm

**Please plan on arriving at 12:45pm to shift and settle into our space

Tea and light snacks will be available

For Registration and Investment Information, please contact janis:

I look forward to spending Soul Sister Sundays with you.

Please share this with other soulful women.
It is always a joy to meet and welcome new “sistas” into the circle!

With heart,


janis deluca, “Whole Woman Self” mentor & guide, passionately inspires & facilitates the women’s journey to wholeness through seminars, retreats, individual sessions and sacred travel.


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