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My go to Lady… Kuan Yin, Divine Mother of Mercy and Compassion

Posted by on May 6, 2016 in Feminine Mysteries ~ Divine Sexuality, Heart Centered Awareness, Pathways to Awakenings, Womens Empowerment | 0 comments

Mother’s day can often bring up a host of feelings. For some, it brings a sense of joy, gratitude, and love.

Yet, for many it activates feelings of grief, anger, abandonment… a deep longing for the Mother that never was, and never will be that which was internalized, and yearned for by the younger, tender parts who live within us.

I have discovered in my own life, and the lives of the women I have worked with, that it can be very healing, nourishing, and transforming to have a relationship to something greater than our personal sense, and experience of mother.

We no longer need to be daughters in waiting to be held, and loved unconditionally. Nor do we need to project our need for mother onto others to nurture, and give the younger tender parts from earlier stages of development the love they seek.

We can compassionately re-mother ourselves when we consciously open our hearts to the healing energies of a spiritual mother. I experienced her from Kuan Yin.


We “met” 23 years ago at a residential heart-awakening initiation conference. Within the circular conference space, sacred objects, and statues of deities from diverse cultures were beautifully placed on surrounding altars. I was completely unfamiliar with most everything displayed.

Yet, I was continuously drawn to a large, beautiful, bronze, regal appearing feminine form, gracefully seated on a lotus blossom. Curious, I finally asked the conference assistant about this mysterious statue. She directed me to Anna, a lovely woman from Hong Kong.

Graciously, Anna answered my inquiry. She reverently transmitted to me, her love, and knowledge of this beloved, Chinese Goddess, Kuan Yin, “Mother of Mercy and Compassion, who hears the cries of the world”, revered by millions, particularly women.

13164268_1004266376331080_3515836679053462261_nAs I listened, I felt a sensation, a quickening in my heart, and whole being. Later, I came to understand this spontaneous, visceral response was my soul speaking…telling me I had met my “go to Lady.”

One year later, I received a badly damaged package from Hong Kong. I hoped whatever it contained wasn’t breakable, if it was, it surely would not be in one piece!

To my absolute amazement, within this tattered/semi crushed box, was an exquisite, delicate porcelain statue of Kuan Yin. Unbroken. A gift from Anna, who I hadn’t seen or talked with since the conference.

I was in awe, and filled with gratitude to be so unexpectedly blessed. Kuan Yin entered my home, and my heart.

She is a visible symbol that gives form to an invisible energy. She represents unconditional love, compassion, and healing…the emanation of the Divine Mother. I center in my heart , and call upon Her in times of need, comfort, challenge, gratitude…


She is my go to Lady. For myself, my loved ones, all sentient beings, and our beloved world in desperate need.


And I am her go to Lady, to serve as an embodiment of Her Love…
Mother’s Day blessings of love to you… 

With heart,


PS: Yearning to discover your go to Lady? Open your heart, you will find Her there.

janis deluca, “Whole Woman Self” mentor & guide, passionately inspires & facilitates the women’s journey to wholeness through seminars, retreats, individual sessions and sacred travel.

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Bring Back #Goddess

Posted by on Sep 15, 2015 in Feminine Mysteries ~ Divine Sexuality, Heart Centered Awareness, Pathways to Awakenings, Psychology of Selves, Women's Sacred Community | 1 comment


In July, Instagram made the decision to remove #Goddess. Apparently there was content, particularly nudity,  that violated Instagram’s community policies.

In response,  an uproar of objection, and commentary ensued, including the campaign, Bring Back #Goddess.

Many felt this was a direct, negative bias towards the empowerment of women, discriminatory, and a violation of religious freedom, noting #God was not removed.

Online essays educated readers on the veneration of the Goddess across history, and culture by millions of people.  Others shared the healing/empowering significance of the Goddess as a psycho-spiritual archetype, relevant to women’s lives today.  All passionate contributions to “Bring Back #Goddess”.


When I reflect on the campaign, there is a quickening within , an instant recognition of a larger force beyond personal agendas propelling this cause.


What I deeply sense, and hear beneath the surface, “Bring Back #Goddess“, is the presence, and voice of Sophia/Wisdom.

With social media as Her holy mouth piece, She sends out Her vital plea…an urgent call, to bring back to a world in desperate need, the life nourishing, healing, and transforming qualities, and values of the indwelling Feminine… #Goddess.

I believe, it is essential to begin the work of bringing Her back, by opening our hearts to Her sacred ways of…


Unconditional love, compassion, nurturing, receptivity, beauty, instinct, feeling, being, stillness, creativity, sacred sexuality, embodied wisdom, natural power, harmony, vulnerability, interconnectedness, relatedness, presence, reverence for the earth, and all of Creation.


Rather than only conceptual understanding, She calls us to awaken, embody, and express #Goddess in our lives, and out into the yearning world.

Who knows, perhaps one day, #God will unite with Her in the center of our hearts, and we will then know Heaven on Earth, and the peace beyond all understanding.


With heart,



janis deluca, “Whole Woman Self” mentor & guide, passionately inspires & facilitates the women’s journey to wholeness through seminars, retreats, individual sessions and sacred travel.
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