what happens within a session

Whether you are just beginning your journey, or well on your path, private sessions with janis can powerfully support and guide you to:

Navigate through the sacred gateways of...

~ Major life transitions and challenges
~ Relationship issues, separation, endings/divorce
~ Physical and/or emotional pain, anxiety, depression
~ Loss of direction and purpose
~ Life path opportunities/choices or difficult decisions
~ Reclaiming your divine sexuality, body and feminine essence

Becoming and loving the full breath and depth of who you are

Realizing and living the beauty and meaning of your life with embodied passion and truth

what happens within a session

Our time together is all about you... your story, needs, challenges and desires. Whatever is unfolding in your life is deeply listened to, and received within the spacious field of the unconditional heart center.

Initial sessions are two hours, allowing time to “let go” into the feeling truth of your story; then, together we follow the flow of what-ever your awakening heart, body and soul wants to bring into the light of awareness, breath, by breath, moment to moment... The full range of your emotions, and all of who you are, can be deeply felt, freely expressed, consciously explored, and unconditionally witnessed.

Self-empowering, illuminating tools are sensitively interwoven to support insights, and wisdom that emerge from within you, through a direct, in-the-body, feeling experience. A living, breathing process, that brings you into the depths of your being, where true transformation and healing begins!

Most women, particularly those just beginning their journey, find they benefit from on-going sessions, perhaps weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Every woman chooses what is best for her. Many of the tools experienced in our work together can easily be practiced and integrated in your daily life.

Dreamwork consultations are an opportunity for you to actively discover the guiding wisdom and profound healing messages within your dreams.

Each session begins with:

1. Telling of your dream.

2. Exploration of the context of your dream. What is happening in your life that the dream may be responding to through it’s symbolic imagery. Dreams can be commenting on the past, present and/or future.

3. Recollection of how you felt physically and emotionally upon waking as well as images that really appeared to stand out for you.

4. Expression of thoughts of what you think the dream may be saying.

After these four essential steps, we then enter the dream process together. Here you are guided to a deeper understanding of personal associations, and feeling responses you have to the energy held within the dream’s symbols, metaphors, setting, and tone. Meaning emerges out of direct experience, and body-felt “aha’s” as deepest truths, and guiding wisdom for your waking life unfolds.

Drawing from a Jungian, intuitive and embodied approach, I honor all dreams as sacred; yours, my own, and the many hundreds I have worked with.

janis is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.


Sessions with janis are available:

Days, evenings, and select week-ends
Extended time/private retreats can also be arranged

Facilitated in a beautiful tranquil setting in central Wisconsin.

Complete location information given when scheduling a session or upon request.

Skype and phone:
A wonderful and effective option for those women who live a distance, and for anyone who may prefer the convenience and comfort of their own home. It is also serves well for women who travel extensively.

Dreamwork consultations:
Via Skype, phone or in person


To schedule all sessions
or for additional information:

Email: janis@janisdeluca.com

Call: 920.574.6206

Pay for a private session:

Her ability to create a safe container made the work accessible to me on a deeper level. Sometimes the results were palpable and sometimes the energy simply dissolved, wordlessly into all that is. I always leave a session with something new – an image, a deeper understanding or simply more space.”

~ Tina R.


I yearned for a long time to sit with a wise woman that could hold a practical and personal presence while simultaneously I knew she was sourcing that ancient place of woman’s wisdom where my precious essence could seed and grow. I am grateful to share I found that place with janis.”

~ Shannon Kennedy


janis emanates deep compassion and unconditional love... she reminds me to honor who I am...”

~ L.H.


I felt empowered and cared for in a unique way during a very stressful time in my life.”

~ L.K.


I feel more acceptance of myself and I also feel that what I really want on a soul level has become clearer to me... this is deeply transformational work...”

~ Wendy Sircussa


Sexuality has become more personal in that I now have a loving relationship with myself.”

~ J.D.


Working with janis literally saved me at a very difficult time in my life. I feel this quote by Audre Lorde best describes her work:

‘When I speak of the erotic, then I speak of it as an assertion of the life force of women, of that creative energy empowered, the knowledge and use of which we are now reclaiming in our language, our history, our dancing, our loving, our work.’

... I am always so thankful for janis’s tender loving approach and guidance...”

~ Shari D.


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Work with janis to discover the guiding wisdom and profound healing messages within your dreams.

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