Beautiful Heart-Opening Practices  ~  opening to the light of unconditional love, the healing presence, innate harmony, compassion

Body centered awareness  ~  feeling and tracking sensations/emotions in the body with focused attention and breath, direct experience to accessing embodied wisdom and insight

Voice Dialogue  ~  getting to know the WHOLE you, the amazing array of selves/energies within... your protector, critic, perfectionist, pleaser, wise woman, child, Aphrodite, mother, patriarch

Dreamwork  ~  understanding the images, symbols and messages of dreams...offering guidance, insights, healing

Expressive Movement & Dance  ~  Expressing and releasing emotions, freeing and celebrating the BodyDivine

Blended practices from Tantra and the Feminine mysteries  ~  integrating your sexuality as sacred, and intrinsic to your wholeness. Connecting to the heart of your feminine essence

Meditation & Stillness  ~  breathing and being

Sacred Touch & Energy Work  ~  deeply healing and nourishing

Feminine world myths & archetypes  ~  reflective, and inspiring wisdom relevant to our lives as women today

Community  ~  you don't have to do it alone!

And more!




“Spontaneous resources and unexpected ways of wisdom are always available when women gather heart to heart, soul to soul in the spirit of Love and mutual empowerment” ~ janis

Voice dialogue gave me insight and clarity to overcome self defeating patterns.”

~ Deborah E.


Janis has the incredible ability of bringing me below the physical surface of sensations and feelings to the real issues and beliefs that are confusing. She has helped me look at them... and feel my way through them instead of contracting around them. This work is expansive.”

~ Tina R.


...I now possess the life tools to allow me to move forward with ease. I will not go back to who I was... I can only move forward. Thank you, janis, from my open and joyful heart.”

~ Mary Evenson


I am beginning to take more time for nurturing myself through meditation and reflection.”

~ L.K.


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Are you ready to spread your wings? Breathe, feel, let go into the heart of who you are.
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Work with janis to discover the guiding wisdom and profound healing messages within your dreams.

Becoming the Embodiment of Love and Compassion
Soul Sisters Series
Sundays ~ 1-5 pm
January 5, 19, February 2 & 16, March 1 & 15

Join us in the timeless circle of heart-centered sisterhood as we expand our hearts to Quan Yin, Mother of Mercy and Compassion, who hears the cries of the world.

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